In about two weeks, we are going to welcome the beginning of the Gemini Season of this year.

This period is going to run from the 22nd of May until the 20th of June, and we will feel like our energies are renewed and revitalized after the previous season, the Taurus Season.

When the Sun will glide into the light and airy sign of Gemini, we may finally start moving forward with our different projects. It will be a period when we will embrace flexibility and change, enjoy variety, and become quite more adaptable.

Regardless of our Sun sign, we may still tap in the energy of Gemini collectively, enjoying the benefits that the witty, humorous, and intelligent sign of Gemini offers.

The planet which rules this clever and exciting sign is the planet Mercury, which is called the “Messenger of the Gods.” In fact, Gemini people are messengers, continually running around, as they have something to tell. As the planet Mercury is one of mind and communication, it makes this sign quite a chatty one, making us feel the increase of intellect during the season of Gemini, 2019.

Here are the seven ways in which we can make the most and the best of the season of Gemini, 2019:

We can develop a brand new skill or talent.

The people born under this sign simply love learning new things. They are full of enthusiasm about current passions, making them do everything they can.

We can tap into these energies if we take on a completely new skill. We can also work actively on one we already gave. The Gemini Season of this year is about developing our talents.

Hone our communication skills.

The people born under the sign of Gemini are born communicators. Usually, they tell funny jokes, and always know what they have to say when in any possible situation – that’s why they have various interests and skills.

This will be a convenient period to work our conversational skills. We may try a conscious communication course or just start talking with someone about something we recently learned. We may actually be surprised about how well we do.

We can start writing

The people born under Gemini are usually wordsmiths, and regardless of what they write, a joke or a novel, we can usually see them with a pen in their hand, simply scribbling away.

We should access our creativity by starting a journal during this season, and write down our innermost thoughts. We should simply try out, and see where we will be taken.

We should embrace the variety.

Gemini people abhor routine, above everything. This season will herald the time of variety and change, so we aren’t supposed to put ourselves in a box.

We can try many different things, such as eating in a recently opened restaurant or even sleeping on the opposite side of our bed. We should mix up our routine by simply trying out several different exercises and find the ways in which this freshness will invite new spice in our lives.

We should read.

With the available media of nowadays, it will be a challenge to start reading an “old book.” However, if we cannot stand the book’s feel, we can get ourselves a Kindle, picking several books to dip in and out of.

We should read everything we can, such as from the content written on shampoo bottles to the new novel we were so excited to start reading.

We should make new acquaintances.

The sign of Gemini is also a very social sign. That’s why during this season of Gemini, it will be the right period to meet new people. But, there is no need to make friends; it is just about the different energies or what we may learn from one another.

We may start a conversation with the till operator at our local store, or also speak to someone we do not know at our office. We can be surprised at how friendly their reactions are.

We should be more adaptable and flexible.

We should not be stuck in our ways during this season. We have to learn how to adapt ourselves to changes and be quite more flexible, regardless of the fact if it is with some plans, friends, or partners, or just with our routine.

Gemini represents a fantastic sign that will free us of mindless habits and rigid patterns so that learning how to be more adaptable will be an excellent life skill generally.

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