Each of us has met a strong woman. These are the women that all men want to win, but they are too afraid to approach them.

If you think that you belong to this category, you will surely find yourself in these 10 things.

1. They always look for growth

The goal is what motivates strong women. They set a new goal every month and don’t stop until they reach it. They know that nothing is safe in life and that they have to work hard.

2. They are not someone’s “option”

Do you text them only on Saturday evenings? Then forget it. These women know their value and will not allow you to use them. If you really want to be with them, you need to give them the attention they want.

3. They remove toxic people from their lives

Strong women always say what they think about their friends. If you are a good friend, these women will love you. But, if you make their life worse, they will remove you without hesitation. Life’s too short to be around people that make you feel bad about yourself.

4. They do not care about the opinion of other people

These women don’t need external recognition to feel better about themselves.

5. They accept themselves

Each of us has good and bad sides, and the same is true for the strong women. But instead of focusing on their weaknesses, they accept them. This gives them more space and time to focus on things that are good.

6. They are happy even when they are single

Strong women don’t need anyone else to be happy. The only way you can deal with this woman is to improve her life. If you aren’t the person she is looking for she won’t stay just because you are better than being single.

She’d rather be by herself than with the wrong man. When they remain alone with their thoughts, these women use their time to adjust their thoughts, to figure out their priorities and to become more productive.

7. Their circle of friends is small

Strong women had unpleasant encounters with toxic people, which made them very strong. That’s why they want to have fewer friends, but those are people who can be completely trusted. And she gives them their much deserved love and attention.

8. They don’t tolerate disrespect

These women know their value and will not allow you to disrespect them. Strong women hate sexism and will never tolerate it.

9. Insecure men are afraid of them

Strong women are direct, with high self-esteem and not forgiving. Men with self-confidence don’t need to prove anything to them and they can accept the fact that this woman is more intelligent and more fun than them.

10. They are not afraid to make the first step

Strong women know what they want and they are not afraid to look for it. If she likes you, she won’t hesitate and will soon approach you. If you say no, then you are making the biggest mistake in your life.

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