by Xavier Eastenbrick | Quora

Ah, the “am I going crazy” internal debate all twin flames have. Let’s begin by acknowledging a simply generalization that need be made.

Everything about the twin flame journey is a series of unfathomable events, most of which happen internally and test your sanity.

Why is that exactly? It happens because the soul and the ego, while mostly existing harmoniously in our conscious lives, battle for control of reality in this context.

The ego self says, “Stop talking to yourself! What is the matter with you? Go see a doctor! You need therapy!” But the soul says, “Oh, hi there twin flame, yeah I know, I know. It’s weird, right? Oooh, what was that burst of energy in my chest. Do it again!”

With this journey, you need to draw upon your inner knowing to discern between your own thoughts and communications from your twin. In my case, I just know the difference. It’s like a qualitative difference between them. It’s also in how you feel.

For example, especially in meditation, I can communicate with my twin’s higher self and there is a palpable change in my physiology and the energy I feel.

I get surges of kundalini energy when she feels I need it. Now, keep this in mind, you may only be communicating telepathically with your twin’s higher self. Your twin as incarnate on earth might not even be conscious of it.

Here’s a big kicker; involuntary communication whether through telepathy or chakras. Sometimes, even when twins are not trying to connect, it happens because of a life circumstance that greatly impacts your twin.

For example, a great happiness, sadness, heartbreak, love. Depending on your connection (which ebbs and flows) you and/or your twin can have some rather intense derivative experiences which are not directly happening in your respective lives.

This is why I advise anyone experiencing this to be mindful of your twin in your life choices and to always give your twin unconditional love. Aspects of this journey can create feedback loops and create pain for each other, especially where one or both twins are unawakened.

You’re not going bonkers. Listen to your soul and distinguish between your twin and whatever else might be rattling around your head. Be gentle with yourself and your twin.

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