When we think about colors with regard to auras, we consider the sole predominant color that has the most effect on our personalities.

However, exceptions often arise where an aura is filled with several colors. These kind of auras are called Rainbow aura.

People having rainbow auras are exceptionally difficult to find as they only take place around those people who are very unique.

Therefore the following are some of the characteristics of a person with multi-colored aura:

A Confident Extrovert

These people are great at conversations and can draw people in very easy. They are loyal and entertaining and very good friends. They never shy away from meeting strangers. No matter how much they flourish, they will always acknowledge their lineage and all the friends who have been by their side.

Healing Power

Since their aura is so unique and multi-layered and is connected to several light energies at once, it’s said that being around them has a healing effect.

If they are taught to properly harness this power then it can be very useful as it will make others happy and also encourage spiritual unity.

This is why people with rainbow auras are fit for nurturing jobs like spiritual awakening, medicine etc. They also make superb parents.

Despite the individual quirks, most rainbow aura people are empathetic, resourceful and helpful.

Perceptive and Determined

These people are very intuitive, which means they focus on the lineage of a person.

They are determined and whether this determination will come to their advantage or not relies on the context.

They are born leaders and take matters into their own hands. Their insecurities never come in the way of their work. Intuition leads to reaching the end before its start.

Positive and Happy

These people exude happiness and positivity wherever they go. They always hope for the best and do not let negativity bring them down. This sense of comfort however fails to push them to work harder and be a careerist. The growth in their personality is therefore limited.

However they are exceptional human beings who are full of love and light.

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