by Conscious Reminder

Equinoxes symbolize a shift from our existing conditions. Interestingly, this shift doesn’t need a date affixed to it for us to understand the subtle nuances that come with a shift.

As we are moving from summer to fall in the Northern Hemisphere, it is our own body that is able to note the differences, at the slightest of changes.

This Equinox occurs, when the Sun moves past the celestial equator, over to the other side, from the North to the South.

This would happen on September 22nd/23rd, and we would see a similarity in the day-night binary. This would signal the advent of fall, and would ultimately lead to the nights growing longer, while days getting shorter.

But, the date can always shift a few days here and there, due to the earth having a slightly tilted axis. Yet, it is ascertained that the Autumn Equinox would fall before the Harvest Full Moon on September 24th/25th.

This happens, for the sun crosses the equator during its journey southward, and that leads to days and nights of equal duration.

A lot of spiritual energy would be in place at this time. It is for everyone to share amongst themselves, without trying to hoard much to themselves.

This is the time, when one would reap what they sowed over the year, anything from planting in the garden, to planting in their ambitions.

This change in seasons has always been perceived by ancient civilizations to be something out of the ordinary for the days, and the night turn equal, rendering the sunlight silvery, and giving it a changed appearance. This is the time to retrospect.

As the night gets longer, think about your life, and how much have you achieved in that span. Then welcome the advent of fall for it would bring greater opportunities with it.

It is wise to celebrate the beginning of fall, with a small ritual. The abundance of resources and energy deserves a little gratitude, for all its worth. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Light a candle
  2. Burn Pine, or sagewood, Sweetgrass, or myrrh
  3. Thank everything for being a part of your life
  4. Be grateful for your existence, and the very fact that you are alive.

Equinoxes bring with them the time to be silent. To not commit to any action, but to focus on improving it to the point it becomes second nature to you. Don’t let go off of that opportunity.

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