Vega is also named Alpha Lyrae, or the first among Lyraeans, because it is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra. Along with that, it is the second brightest of stars visible in the Northern-Central Hemisphere and, all in all, it is fifth on the list of the brightest stars in the night sky.

It is a common belief among spirituality enthusiasts that people are born out of certain stars, and they have certain goals right from the beginning; they also have a certain kind of look, physical and aural, about them, not to mention a certain kind of personality.

Vega has a particularly rich plethora of myth surrounding it. The story goes that Vegans (not the vegetarian kind. The star-child kind) were born to rule over the star Sirius, also known as the dog-star. They are of course incarnated in human form, among us, on Earth, as dark-skinned and dark-haired individuals.

Vegans in their own celestial system are born as very handsome, but blue-skinned individuals. They are kind and embody the “Cancerian” in the universe i.e. emotions and sensitive creativity. Their realms are those of imagination and feeling. They are also what spiritualists call “aged” or old souls. And to be honest, this is a sitter; their souls have taken births and rebirths in many systems including their own to finally reach where they are today — among us Earthlings.

Traits of the average Vegan

(Just so you do not mix it up for once: We mean the star-kids, not the ones who adhere to a particular diet)

Very specific traits separate these people from the run-of-the-mill ordinary humans around us:

1. Completeness

They are very satisfied with whatever they have in themselves and in their lives. They are the epitome of what people call “contented”. In short, they are in peace with whatever surrounds themselves. As a result, they never get into fights/conflicts of any kind. They also spread a lot of positive vibes around them.

2. Multi-faceted

They have a multi-faceted personality, kind of like diamonds. There are many sides to them and their character. More often than not, they are multi-talented and find many, different ways to express their inner creativities. Their juices of creativity are also very intense and they end up becoming restless when things do not give them time to pursue their interests.

3. Inconsistent

This is one of the cons of an active imagination. They think on so many lines that they tend to be a little confused and undecided about things. They end up with a lot of unfinished projects and hobbies, and not to mention unread books. This is simply because their interests end up becoming too impulsive.

4. Explorers

They have the proverbial “pilgrim-souls” in them. They love to see new sights and embrace them. They have wanderlust in their veins and love to travel around the world. But this is not like the trait of Sagittarius: they do so only after looking after all of their worldly responsibilities and duties. They never leave duties unattended to, simply because they care too much about their dependents.

5. Social and understanding

They are social and end up, more often than not, becoming the focus of their social circles. This is also, thanks to the fact that they are highly caring individuals and very friendly. This makes their presence unavoidable and magnetic for others.

6. Care and empathy

Extending from the previous point, thanks to their sensitive nature, Vegans are highly empathetic and caring. They hate seeing the people they love crying and would do everything in their power to make things better for them.

If you know someone with these traits, it is possible they are from the Vega star system. Keep them close. They are a rare and precious breed.

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