In pursuit of what we know as love, and is in fact only the romantic component of luck, we often put on masks.

When we find someone we like, we immediately start censoring our words, choices and lifestyle to a way that would resonate with their likes.

I’m sure it sounds familiar to many of you who are reading this. How many times have we avoided certain foods or hobbies because we didn’t want to displease our partners?

On the one hand, people say compromising is essential in a relationship and this is true to a certain extent. However, we should never compromise on our identity to please our partner. That is not true love.

Expectations, possessiveness, insecurities- all of this comes from focusing too much on the Romantic aspect of love. We focus so much on putting our best foot forward that we often end up hiding parts of ourselves from our partner. And as expected, such relationships never flourish.

That is the main difference between true love, and the romantic notion of love that we have grown up with. True love would never make you feel like you have to hide yourself beneath masks. True love never makes you feel like you have to be perfect for your partner.

In a twin flame relationship, you’d realize that your perfection or lack thereof, will not change the love that your partner has for you. And that is the true beauty of it.

True love is seldom picture perfect. But it helps you grow and evolve. It doesn’t expect you to be perfect, but it certainly helps you in becoming perfect.

That is why its definition keeps changing. That is why your twin flame sometimes acts as your parent, sometimes as your friend and sometimes even as your sibling.

A solely romantic idea of love makes you apprehensive or what would happen if your partner finds out that you are less than perfect. It makes you co-dependent and limits your space.

True love makes you secure in the knowledge that the bond you two share goes beyond any superficial quality. It is deep and true no matter which version of yourself you put forward. It gives you the space to grow and doesn’t grudge you for it.

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