Life throws a lot at us. Simultaneously doing various tasks takes a toll on our body and mind. We might experience a burn out and physically and emotinally drain our strength.

Juggling everything in life can leave you feeling stressed out and on the verge of burnout.

The first signs to stress might be physical such as headache tiredness etc. Lack of proper diet and sleep effects stress. Stress is always bad for health and affects daily life.

These are the five signs that you may have burnout:

1. Exhaustion.

Exhaustion is the first sign to stress. If you are feeling overtly tired and fatigued and have less energy, this is the reason of lack of proper sleep and too much workload. Slow down and relax take rest from your work and de-stress.

2. Worry.

If you feel worried and tensed all the time this is a result of burnout. Mental health is extremely important and effects physical health. Don’t take too much stress and try to calm yourself. The constant worry is not healthy.

3. Loss of memory.

If you feel that you are always forgetting something or the other and find your memory weak this is a sign of stress. Just take a step back and relax.

4. Chest pain headache.

Mental stress can cause a lot of physical problemssuch a headache nausea heart problems palpitations etc. Make sure you are eating well and keeping yourself healthy because health is important

5. Detachment.

Being stressed and anxiety can weaken a person and also hamper their social life. You might be detached from your family and your friends who will make you more lonely and isolated. Talk to someone and share your feelings. Get a councellor who might be able to give you proper advice for your wellbeing.

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