Has it ever happened to you that you entered a room and suddenly felt sad or agitated? In the same way there are spaces which make you feel calm and at peace.

The reason for this is the energy signature of every space. Energy is all around us and the way you feel depends to a certain extent on what kind of energy you are surrounded with.

Feng Shui can help you balance out the negative energies in your  home. Here’s how:

A lot of clutter and unorganized mess

Feng Shui states that any space should be as clean as possible for energy to flow through it uninterrupted. If you feel stressed or agitated a lot, the clutter at your home or workspace might be contributing to the feeling.

So throw out anything that you don’t need and organize everything that you do. Make it a weekly or a daily habit and you will definitely see and feel the improvement.

The air quality is not up to the mark in your home

You can try growing indoor plants for purifying the air in your house. It is better to have one big plant rather than many small ones. For instance, the areca palm is a low maintenance, NASA approved plant which purifies the air and is extremely pet friendly.

Also, don’t forget, the metaphorical cleaning of air is as important as the physical one. Smudging can also help in getting rid of negative vibes.

There are a lot of things that need repairs

If your house has a lot of malfunctioning drawers, clogged drains, broken electrical equipments, they might also be adding to the negative energy signature. Mark everything that needs to be fixed and start doing it, one at a time.

Every broken thing that you mend is an accomplishment and will help to bring positive vibes in your life.

The entrance should also be welcoming and clean

The door to your house is also symbolic of your life. If you want good opportunities, you’d do better to treat the entrance to your house as something sacred. Make sure there is no clutter around the door and it is inviting.

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