Human beings have a need of getting validated. Validation somehow boosts their self-confidence. This is because we want the society to accept us and also to be a part of the society.

Human beings nowadays can do almost anything for the sake of getting validated. They hurt themselves from within and cut parts of themselves just to get accepted and to fit in.

But nowadays lovers have developed this sense of ‘Twin Soul Connection’ as they are tired of self-mutilation and their hunger for authentication has diminished.

Beyond Compromises

We often fail to tell our loved ones who we actually are and show the true color of our soul. We make fewer compromises for our loved ones and even the will to make compromises has diminished. When we go down this road we forget the value of self-love. We forget what it means to us and also the validation that it provides.

The first lesson of ‘Twin Soul Connection’ is that you are all that you have. When we fail to validate ourselves we show the anger on someone else, mostly on our loved ones. But at that time, if we can keep all our pain and sufferings aside and ask for the company of our loved one then we might find what is called true love.

What seeing really means in twin soul connections

Human beings are great at hiding emotions. They will make you see only the things that they want you to see. But when you are in love with someone you can figure out that they are hiding something but just looking at their face. Eyes never lie but we must look beyond the eyes. One must look for the soul, look inside the heart.

‘Twin Soul Connection’ has an equal reaction to your actions. The more you see, the more you are seen. The more you validate, the more you are validated. This is also what love means and how it can help two people authenticate themselves.

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