by Soul Connections

The TwinFlame connection takes on the roles of the Runner and the Chaser phase and can go through many cycles and reversals through out the relationship.

There is a confusion between twinflames, they usually are not completely spiritually awake and don’t understand what is happening.

There comes a time with one Twin, getting overwhelmed and extremely scared that they run and sometimes without warning. This is the stage of the runner and the chaser.

Their thought pattern is – If I run away, leave this all behind, it will all go away and I will be at peace. But what actually happens is the total opposite, they have begun to awaken their spirit and this intense soul connection is more extreme and so intense, that they don’t know how to handle everything and attempts to ignore it.

The connection forces them self, to look deep inside and work with their deepest fear. They are frustrated at them self for trying to figure out their decision when they are compelled to someone.

When the chaser is left behind they can feel betrayed, hurt and confused on what did they do wrong? But in the process they have reached a spiritual awareness and awakening. The chaser wants to try and make the runner come back, usually trying any possible way.

There is intense pain caused by the runner, making them both confront their issues, that they can both heal from it.  Which will push you both to grow, and will take them to reach enlightenment too. I know this can seem harsh, but is necessary for the Twinflame – Runner and Chaser to achieve balance, in order to reunite.

Twinflames are the mirror of each other and carry the most intimidating intense lessons with facing their self. It’s natural for many twinflames to go through this cycle.

It has been said it’s the masculine energy that is the runner and the feminine being the chaser, but not in all situations, there are many women twinflame runners (I was one – read more) and men chasers. They can also switch runner and chaser roles.

At the beginning of their meeting, the runner may of been the chaser and the runner being the chaser, after a little time it settles into a total reversal.

Both the runner twinflame and the chaser twinflame are actually runners. The runner runs from the soul connection along with the emotions, and the chaser runs from self love, both are Twinflames that are running from the healing energy and it takes time for one of them (chaser) to awake, then the other (runner) to awake.

The twinflame runner can not make the chaser complete, if the chaser (or the runner) is not whole within themselves first.

Their roles can instantly switch and the balance becomes reversed.  This is the roller coaster of emotions with their energy together. The only thing is you can’t get off the roller coaster.

Your twinflame will reflect the balance and eventually move forward. Although there is no time frame, the most common time is during Mercury Retrograde.

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