I can’t live without warm and cozy naps in the afternoons.

Being a student who pulls a lot of all-nighters, it’s the only way for me to de-stress and keep my body and brain functioning. The elderly and people with immense work load also indulge in nap times in the day to relax.

Most people feel that small naps are only meant for infants and small children. They feel that adults should not be sleeping during the day. However naps are actually very beneficial for everyone, irrespective of their age.

Science says that human beings experience the lowest energy during the afternoons and so a minimum half an hour nap is very necessary for the body to recharge and start hustling again. This is particularly advised by the National Sleep Foundation, who recommend and explain three kinds of napping:

1. Habitual Naps

This means taking naps at the same time every day, even if you’re not sleepy. It becomes a part of your body’s circadian rhythm and maintains routine.

2. Emergency Naps

When you are very tired and drowsy and can’t work any longer, your body forces you to take an emergency nap. It can happen any time and to anybody.

3. Planned Naps

These kinds of naps are mainly for the aged folks. It refers to those naps which are taken without any physical need, at the same time, every day without fail. Many elderly people nap just to kill time.

Here’s a list of things you should be doing to have beneficial and effective naps that regulates the circadian rhythm in the correct way.

  1. Never sleep excessively.
  2. Make sure to set up alarms so that you have proper small naps.
  3. Try to sleep in quiet places.
  4. Choose a very cozy and comfy place.
  5. Always sleep in complete darkness.
  6. Cover yourself with a light blanket for optimum temperature and comfort.
  7. Half an hour naps are recommended.
  8. Lemon and honey water should be drunk before and after naps.

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