Human beings hate to be disappointed by the people they trust, look up to and believe in.

We are emotionally weak beings who love and trust wholeheartedly and to have that trust broken is one of the worst things to ever experience.

No matter who that person is or how incredibly close, they’ll someday break your heart and change your views of them completely. Here’s how you can deal with the entire situation.

Analyse your standards

You have to realize that you have elevated their position too much and they must be brought back to the ground, where they belong. You need to accept their mortal existence and not worship them. Treat them like a fellow human, who is capable of making mistakes and then you’ll stop having high expectations from them. It’s probably not right to not give them the chance to act human.

Give them another opportunity

When you look up to someone, it’s mainly because they have some quality that makes them special and respectable. This is why you should let them redeem themselves and not punish them just for one mistake. Talk to this person and try to understand his side of the story. Let them know what you feel about him. It’s helpful to know his views and then form your own.

Give time to let things settle down

When the incident is still lingering in your mind, it’s difficult to look past it and move on. Give yourself time to heal and gain your unbiased perspective. Once you’ve given yourself that chance you might find it easier to handle the entire situation.

If you want to reconcile with this person, then try to enjoy some fun times with him, do things that make both of you happy. Don’t let your tarnished opinions obstruct your current time and emotions about him. The pain will eventually fade and become just a memory.

It’s important for you to decide whether you really want to restore the relationship or not, whether it’s worth it or not. It’s terrible to lose someone so significant but that’s life, we can only deal with it.

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