Your soul needs to understand that it is on a plane of existence where its survival is intrinsic to how much you take care of it.

That would be only possible, if you know how to. Soul is not some utensil which you can clean with water and a solvent. It needs techniques which take time to master. Communication with your soul is imminent and of utmost importance, because only that can heal you.

When you cut yourself, you apply something, and will it to heal itself, don’t you? Similarly, you need to apply those special techniques which change your soul to that of a newly born baby, pure, and without any problems.

The soul would look at the world in a different way, exploring it, enjoying it, reaching its full potential. But that is only possible, if you know what to do, and when. Otherwise, your soul would decay, and soon wither into nothing.

Healers throughout the ages have focused on the importance of healing the soul, spiritually, and physically. But there are several ways to go about them differently, and what works for one, may not work for the other. It all depends on how adept you are at it.

Soul Power

This requires you to communicate directly with the soul. Talk to it, ask questions, ask about its influence in your life, and then take a break for sometime. Then try the process again. This would allow your soul to talk directly to you, and tell you to find yourself, so that you are fully at peace with your being.

Body Power

Everything you do towards your body, be it heavy lifting in a gym, or yoga postures on a padded mat, all go towards helping you enhance the capabilities of your body, foregoing the restraints on it.

Power of the Mind

Sometimes, it all comes down to the mind. Enabling a creative chain, where your mind is able to perform cognitive exercises that would help with visualisations of happy emotions or memories, that would work wonders with any wounds that you are surrounded with.

It helps to alleviate the pain, because your mind is focussed on the memory, memorising every detail, enamoured in it. The pain is a distant speck on the horizon. Also, one could meditate, if they wanted their mind to be as sharp as a needle.


This is nothing but ASMR; sounds that help us in a peaceful state of being, where our souls are healed.

But, when it comes to us chanting, it is understood that words which are repeated at tandem, and continuously, have the properties of healing, for the vibration of the cells leads to the conversion of matter into energy and vice versa.

But this would also explain the popularity ‘Om’ has achieved over the centuries, for being a chant that brings forth peace and clarity.

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