While they sound beautiful on the pages of a fairytale, paranormal experiences are hardly ever very calming and secure.

This post helps you figure out the intricacies of paranormal impacts on your brain.

Getting Addicted

The psychological effect in question is what all the drugs seek to achieve. It is as addictive as the substance people abuse. Everything falls short in the light of your astral self. It opens up new meaning, and new dimensions to you.

It brings us a kind of peace we cannot achieve otherwise. This leads us to become heavily dependent on it, and ignore important aspects of our usual life.

Lack Of Proper Grounding Can Be Dangerous

Such an extensive exercise needs a lot of precaution and care. You can’t just waltz into the eye of the tornado. Learn about grounding techniques in order to avoid dire consequences.

You could lose your ability to concentrate, be a societal exile, and experience body pains. The last thing you want is for your body to be taking the blow for an expanding mind.


Our bodies are not usually prepared for such excessive incoming energies. It needs to be built in a certain way in order to withstand the onslaught of spiritual surges.

So, ensure that you take proper rest after every adventure, because you do not want to exhaust your mental capacity.

Overdoing something has never led to anything good. Treat your powers with kindness. Treat yourself with care, so that you may continue to enjoy the privileges of a healthy body.

Letting In Wrong Spirits

If you expose yourself to a new dimension, then you do so to both the good and the bad associated with it. There will be good spirits who will help you, but there will also be demonic energies trying to wreak havoc in your life.

It is however your gateway to grant. It will lead to failure in romance, financial insolvency, et all. So, when you enter the astral phase, be prepared to fight tooth and nail.

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