Orbs are one of the foremost things one learns about when delving into ghost busting and parapsychology.

Physically, orbs look like balls of light and can be seen on audio visual mediums like videos and so on. Now, there is a difference between a real orb and one that may just be an optical illusion and this article will tell you how to recognise which is which.

False Orbs

You might have noticed a recent increase of orbs caught in film if you are interested in that kind of thing but I am sorry to inform that most of the orbs caught in cameras these days are not real orbs and merely just tricks of the light. This happens because of the fact that everyone has a camera phone these days, allow me to explain.

Orbs are easy to replicate, in fact, you can do it right now. Go to any room, switch on the AC or the fan and then take a picture of the room with the flash mode activated on your mobile camera, and you will find a couple of orbs just floating around. You may actually find more than a couple orbs, depending upon how dirty the air is- yes, you guessed it right.

Most orb photographs today just the flash making small particles of dust looking like orbs. Due to this happening, when the same is proven by sceptics, they go on to talk about how orbs are not real in the first place, but that is not the case.

Authentic Orbs

Now that we have talked about what fake Orbs are and how they are formed, let us talk about real orbs and how we can differentiate a real one from a fake one. The most prominent difference between a fake orb and a real orb is that, dust particles caught on film that sometimes look like orbs will not emit a light of their own, but real, authentic orbs will.

Secondly, false orbs caught on film can move about only with the help of breeze or wind but real orbs move about entirely on their own, without any help from any external sources. A striking difference can be noted in the texture of an authentic spirit orb and a false orb. A false orb will not be very dense and is likely to be a sphere, but a spirit orb will be, without fail, really dense and not of a particular shape.

They will not all be perfect circles or spheres. They are also opaque and do not allow light to pass through them, while a “dust orb” is not opaque at all. A dust orb will also have a reflection if a mirror is in the picture but a real orb will not.

Orbs in real life

When we see orbs in real life and not on film, people have observed a few things. Orbs move around freely and sometimes even get close to a person to inform them of their presence, but nobody really knows what spirits are in them yet.

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