Cheap film, bad script-writing, and deplorable research have all contributed towards setting a stereotype about psychics.

We think we know all about ‘their kind’, but actually propagate foolish lies in the name of knowledge. If you too think of yourself as a psych-expert on the basis of binge-watching That’s So Raven, then this article is for you.

“Cold Reading”

Most people are convinced that psychics feed us generalized information. They use manipulative techniques to glean information out of us, and then present it to us as their epiphany. While it is true that not all people who call themselves ‘psychic’ are genuine, it is wrong to assume that all of them are liars. I mean, just because you can’t wield magic does not mean nobody else can.

They Are In A Constant State of Epiphany

If this were true, it would kill them. Enlightenment and high doses of spiritual energy are actually quite taxing for the body. You are literally pushing your brain through Time and Space, not going to buy a mop from Target. Even though they aren’t physically moving, it is extremely taxing on their mind and body. So, no. Psychics are not perpetually floating in some spiritual wave.

They Can Read Your Thoughts

Head your head out of that comic book for one second. Psychics vibe off of your energy and aura. They infer knowledge and ‘feel’ your spirit in order to find answers for you. They can tell when you’re feeling sad, or anxious. But don’t expect them to tell you which number you are thinking of. They have much better things to do.

Future Predictions

Psychics analyze patterns. They don’t literally walk into the future. I mean, Stephen Hawking would have known about it if something like this existed. They can tell you what might happen, based on the course of the world at large. But they cannot tell you if Deadpool 3 will ever be written. I wish they could, though. We all wish they could.

Freeing You From Curses

What do you think they are? Witches? I mean, firstly, how do you believe in ‘curses’ while living in the 21st century? Secondly, most pretentious people who tell you that you are been cursed know nothing about it. We fear superstitions, so we make a great deal out of it. You control your own life. Don’t blame that Grade E in Math on some ‘curse’.

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