The Law of Attraction: Energy Differences

The human race is too vast for all of us to follow one particular law of attraction. We are attracted to each other even on molecular levels. Emotional, mental and physical are still basic things to consider.

What Causes Magnetic Attraction between Man and woman?

The basic law of attraction is that opposites attract. This is in case of all kinds of energy. When a woman is too feminine and a man too masculine, chances of them being attracted to each other are considerably high. Even though their pair sounds incompatible their energies are attracted to each other on a higher level. Even though it sounds typical, but women with long hair and feminine body gestures are really attractive to men because it instigates their masculine instincts.

Similarly, if a man has a firm grip, is authoritative and has brilliant management capabilities, it makes a woman feel protected and hence, she is attracted to him.

Therefore, if you are head over heels for someone, there have to be some definite reasons for it. What makes a man attracted to a woman physically?

Body Shape

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology stated that men are inclined to fall for women with a low waist-to-hip ratio. Men like women who have a definite body shape because even when they are looking for something casual, they keep a woman’s child bearing capacity at the back of their mind. This is just their natural evolutionary genetic thinking.

First Impression

First impression can either make or break the game. If a woman has been able to impress a man by her humour and presence in the first meet, chances are that the man will be hooked on to her for a pretty long time.

Emotional Intelligence and Facial Features: The Deadly Duo

This combination is real and deadly. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who knows how to speak about her feelings and is also considerate towards others emotions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she will reciprocate the same feeling but at least she knows how to deny humbly. Sharp facial features are an additional to this.  Females look for the same things in a man too.

When a man is sexually attracted to a woman

A man who is sexually attracted to a woman will do anything in his power to gain her love and support. He will leave no stone unturned for someone he truly wants.

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