We all put ten thousand lotions on our faces when going out in the sun but contrary to popular belief, the sun can do you a world of good.

If we go back to the ancient times, we will find that the Sun was worshipped as a God. The Sun was essential for the crops and the well being of the people.

The Egyptians worshipped Ra, the God of Sun, a figure that had a chariot and flew across the sky.

Similarly, the Greeks also worshipped Helios, who was just like Ra. Not just that, there were the Persians, who celebrated sunrises.

Having talked about all of that, let us now discuss the good effects the sun has on our physical health. Spending some time out in the sun does wonders, really.

The sunlight helps our body process Vitamin D, which is essential for our metabolism and the Sun also helps us fight away certain types of cancer cells.

Also, if you haven’t been sleeping well, just spending some time in the Sun will help you produce melatonin, the hormone responsible for the sleep cycle.

The Sun is also a natural solution for an array of mental issues. Some time spent soaking the Sun leads to the production of endorphins in your brain and serotonin in abundance, the hormone that keeps your disposition sunny!

If you do not go into the Sun for too long, there is a negative effect on your mental health and you might suffer from a seasonal affective disorder, something common during the month of December, when it is cold and we do not get a lot of Sun.

The Sun is also an endless source of positivity. The rays of the Sun are filled with positive vibrations and make up the life force on our planet, something known as the chi.

The Sun needs to enter your house, too, to light up all corners and make sure that there is no negative or bad energy around you.

Therefore, it can rightly be concluded that the Sun does not get enough credit for everything it does for us. Gear up and get some Sun!

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