When you go through a divorce, you feel like a lot has been taken out of you. The experience is very harrowing and all you want to do is move on with your life.

But even that is easier said than done. Sometimes you just feel so guilty that you cannot let it stop affecting you. Here are a few measures to deal with that guilt:

Find out where the guilt stems from

Most of the times, people have a hard time accepting that they couldn’t make it work. After all, they were supposed to be together till death do them part.

But when you couldn’t save your marriage it is natural to keep going back to everything you said or did, trying to find if there was anything you could have done different.

There can be a million thoughts running through your mind each with its own ‘what if?’ attached to it.

Let them go

Stop getting overpowered by those thoughts. The moment the first though hits you, from then on it’s a downward spiral of ‘should have’, ‘could have’ and ‘maybes’. It is very overpowering indeed.

So don’t. Don’t think about what could have been, because it cannot happen on. Focus on what the present has for you. Learn to let go of the past. Do whatever is needed to let go. If you feel you need to clear the air, or if there were things you seek answers to- ask!

If you think you did wrong somewhere- ask for forgiveness. But once you’re done, move on. Ruminating over the past won’t do either of you any good.

Let go of the guilt

You know how carrying too much baggage can slow you down. You know emotional baggage can be just as hard to deal with. So why don’t you just let it go.

Imagine your guilt and emotional frustrations as something that you can pack away in a bag. It might be dark and murky books or anything other stuff. Imagine that you have a suitcase full of this stuff.

Now envision yourself burying all of this somewhere far away. Such as a mysterious forest. And once you have done that, walk away.

Don’t look back. Meditation and visualization can help you get over your guilt.

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