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Economy is in shambles. The job market is at an all time low. Inflation keeps shooting up the price of even our basic necessities.

In such troubling times, it is natural to wish for a magical source of money which could keep your pockets lined even when you resources dry up.

But even if you are not plagued by any of these problems; even if you have no student bills to pay, and a steady and good source of income the thought of a little extra cash is always a pleasant one. Isn’t it?

Well the thing is, all of us would be happy to have more than what we have now. But one thing that not many of us realize is that it is within our power to become richer.

The thing about money is that it can also be increased by specific mantras which can help you usher in abundance when you thought you couldn’t have any.

A mantra

This Sanskrit word comes from two base words ‘man’ and ‘tra’. ‘Man’ is the mind or the thought and ‘tra’ is a sort of tool by which you utilize something. A mantra is a tool by which we utilize the power of our thoughts. Mantras are often used in meditation to increase concentration. A mantra can be a word, or a phrase or even simply a sound such as ‘Om’ which is repeated multiple times.

How exactly do mantras function?

Mantras work at two levels. First of all, in its most basic function- a mantra is used to focus the mind. In its natural state, our mind is prone to go through a lot of information rapidly, never settling on one thing. This wreaks havoc on our concentration. Chanting a mantra can quiet the mind and thus help in focusing.

Secondly, remember the law of attraction. The kind of energy you actively seek is the kind of energy you will get. So when you repeat the same mantra again and again you are seeking the energy vibrations of the things that you are speaking. And thus you will be able to attract it in real life.

Money mantras

By that logic, if you chant mantras about abundance and prosperity, it is exactly what you will attract in life. There can be a lot of money mantras and you need to focus on the one which seems the best for you.

It should feel right to you and that’s the only condition. Work through some mantras before you finalize the one you wish to chant. You need to practice chanting this mantra at least for a ten minute session each day. In the beginning it might seem too much so you can break it into two sessions of five minutes each.

Here are a few mantras you can try:

  • Every day I make more money.
  • I have money which I need.
  • I am attracting money.
  • I do not owe any money to anyone.
  • I will find new opportunities to make money.
  • I deserve abundance of all kinds in life.

These are simple mantras which are more easily assimilated. However there are certain traditional mantras too which were specifically made for attracting wealth. They are:

Om Shree Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha- Repeat after me Om Shree Ma-ha-lahk-shmi-yay swah-ha. It addresses the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi who presides over wealth. In this mantra we are invoking the goddess and requesting her to fill our life with abundance.

Om Vasudhare Svaha- Repeat after me On Va SU Dha Rei Swa Ha. This is a Buddhist traditional mantra and addresses the Goddess of Earth- Vasudhara. It is advised that you chant this mantra 108 times. However in the beginning, listening to it 108 times can also work, if you aren’t able to chant it.

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