Are you one of those who do not like their body and would like to lose weight and look good? If yes, then I know just the right method for you to have a healthy diet as well as lose weight.

I had a very tough time with my body and it completely crashed before my 20th birthday. I put too much pressure on myself, having completely exhausted my body. My body shut down and I fell asleep for 20 hours.

Although my doctor prescribed alternative medicines, it didn’t feel right to me and so I started doing things my way to heal myself. Not only did I get cured of chronic asthma and eczema, but I also lost 60 pounds. The one thing that made it all happen was meditation.

Mediation and its healing techniques

Before my body shut down, I was on an intense diet. I had no idea about healing.  As I began to help myself, I found out about a lot healing techniques that enabled me to understand my body. It helps you to rebuild your connection with your body. Meditation is the most effective tool. See how.

1. Meditation relaxes your nervous system

Meditation helps you understand how stressed your body is. Once you are aware of it, you can let your nervous system release that tension. This will make you more relaxed and light. As the stress goes, you will be able to easily understand your body. There won’t be any need to restrict yourself.

2. Meditation can be done everywhere

The best kind of healing is when it fits well with your lifestyle. Meditation is very flexible as you can mould it according to your schedule and preferences. Be it morning or evening, on your bed or outside under the sun, you can do it anywhere. You can fix your own time for meditation. Be it 5 or 10 minutes or even longer, it completely depends on your desire.

3. Meditation helps you to become self-aware

Meditation helps you to become the best person you can be. It enables you to connect with your inner self and channel your desires and dreams. Listen to what your heart wants instead of forcefully shutting it down. Only this way can you build a life and body you truly wish for.

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