Our grandparents are one of the most important people in our lives. They are the only one we can plead to after our parents have rejected our requests. Usually they are the ones who are ready to indulge us even if our parents are shaking their head in disagreement.

Without grandparents we would never have the free pass that we enjoy around the holidays. And who else would stuff us with food and money even when our grades are slightly less than good?

Grandparents love us unconditionally and completely. They not only teach us the science and math from school, but also the values that can only come with the wisdom of old age. Their stories and anecdotes have a world of good advice hidden within them. All in all, the void which is left when our grandparents depart cannot be easily filled.

Even in their farewell, they teach us an important lesson. Because our grandparents are usually the first real goodbyes we say growing up, they teach us that sometimes we cannot hold on to people and make them stay, no matter how much love is on both sides.

But there are still some pointers which parents can take in account while acquainting their young ones with the death of a grandparent-

  • Do not use metaphors for explaining death. They only confuse them further and build hope; especially if you’ve said things like- he/she left.
  • Don’t use religion to explain the concept of death. This is only making them unsure about the facts of life.
  • Don’t try to act brave in front of kids. They need to learn how to healthily process emotions. Suppressing sadness is not what you want to teach your child.
  • Even though it might be a difficult time for you considering one of your parents just died, try not to lose patience while answering your kid’s questions, and they will have a lot of them. Most important of all, teach them that their believed grandparents might not be physically around them, but they’ve also never really left.
  • Their presence lingers in the places they spent time with you.
  • Their memories live in the form of old photos where they are always smiling.
  • They are always beside us on our special occasions; all we have to do is take their name.
  • They are right inside our DNA. After all, we inherited our genes from them.
  • The moments we spent with them will never go away as long as we cherish them.

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