Drinking is cool, isn’t it? A glass in hand, the epitome of sass, and jazz all around. No. Drinking leads to several problems, least of them the hangover the next day. But, let’s focus on something lesser known.

Do you know that alcohol literally eats your soul? Shocking, isn’t it? It eats away at the positive spirit in your body, while putting up a veneer of invulnerability all around you. Wrapping you in its soft cocoon, only to devour you within itself.

Harrowing, terrorizing, and horrifying, but we still do it every day. Without any sign of stopping. Do we care that our soul is being destroyed? No. Should we care? DEFINITELY.

The word ‘alcohol’ comes from the Arabic ‘al-khul’, which literally means ‘devourer of spirits’. In its most anglicized form, it meets with the word ‘ghoul’, a spirit which is said to devour a human spirit.

As Jason Christoff says, “We often see people losing consciousness after excessive drinking. This happens because the positive energies within us are unable to linger in the corrupt and insidious environment of the intoxicated body and exits it, leaving our bodies as empty vessels to be controlled by evil spirits.”

On a physical level, the ill-effects of alcohol can have pretty obvious effects. Leading to muscle atrophy in fit individuals and harming the baby in pregnant women are just few of the cons of drinking.

But, clairvoyants and exorcists have noticed evil auras around people who drink frequently. While that may be dubious at worst, and debatable at best, the fact that alcohol harms us, can’t be neglected. The sale of alcohol is due to its inherent forbidden status as a drink.

Also, the advertisements which are shown on TV, or on the huge billboards hung across bridges, present ingrained, and subtle sexual innuendos and euphemisms, which further lure an individual to go for it, believing that it would help, rather than harm. Movies and cinema has presented it as something that they could drown their sorrows in.

But, it is much, much, much more important that one abhors from consuming it, lest it consumes the individual, leading his life to spiral out of control.

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