We all know the importance of Zodiac signs when it comes to defining our personalities. And by the virtue of that, a lot else about our lives too is determined by the sign under which we were born.

For instance, some Zodiac signs are meant for each other. To an extent that nothing can tear them apart once they have been together. Here are two Zodiac pairings which make for couples who cannot live apart from each other once they have been united.

Libra and Leo

Leos are known to be bossy when it comes to their relationships. A Leo’s sense of entitlement and self worth often comes in the way of their relationships, because they expect to be the stars and hold center stage even while in a relationship. But this dynamic radically changes when a Leo finds themselves with a Libra.

When they are with a Libra, they become an entirely different person; someone who is not obsessed with their own self. They are willing to bend over backwards for their partners, which is a lot for a Leo. They readily keep the needs and even the whims of the Libra above their own so that the relationship can be a prosperous one.

The one thing that can come between this couple and eternal happiness is the Libra’s tendency to be mistrusting and a bit over-possessive. But even that can be overcome with the determination of the Leo.

Virgo and Aquarius

These two signs are quite opposite to each other and that’s what makes them perfect together. Virgo is the ambitious one, the one who wants to conquer all. Aquarius is in awe of this spirit.

Aquarius is the one who looks for the extraordinary in the ordinary, the one who dreams; whereas Virgo is the pragmatic one who is always rational. This might also be a slight bone of contention between the two.

Virgo might try to defend and impose their sense of the world on the Aquarius, who only finds these lectures tedious and boring. But this is not such a big problem that can’t be worked upon. In the end, their love truly conquers everything.

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