If you want to achieve success and find happiness in this life, there are certain rules that you need to follow. Foremost amongst them is that you need to be true to yourself.

There is a Buddhist saying, as per the lojong practice which effectively says, “Don’t perform such actions which come with a twist”. Or in other words, always be honest to yourself. When you try to be sneaky and act unlike yourself, you’re only preparing yourself for a fall.

There are many reasons why we are tempted to act like someone else. When we are acting, we are trying to achieve something. We think that it’s be better for our hidden motive if we acted a certain way.

Then, there is also the fact that we have so many complexes and insecurities surrounding us, that we are always trying to put up a front. We want to be better than everyone else, and even if we can’t be as good as them, we can always pretend to be.

Our ego is very sneaky. It sneaks in without us even realizing that we are acting in a certain way. We project a certain image of ourselves in our interactions with others. Even if we are doing something good, if are intentions are not pure, there is no worth left in that act.

In life we seem to be running an endless race to always come out at the top. And yet, the ones whom we look up to, our idols are the people who were never dishonest to themselves for the sake of winning.

Whatever they do in life, they do it just for the sake of their passion. Without thinking of what could be gained in return. If you’re a creative person, and you’re creating art solely focusing on what will sell, you’re doing it wrong.

Trying to mould your work in favour of the public opinion and vice versa will only take you so far. It might give you quick fix solutions for money, yes. But nothing more. It is very seldom that these quick-fixes become household names.

In effect recognition and appreciation comes only to those who don’t compromise on their values and themselves.

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