Undoubtedly everyone suffers from a deeply ingrained fear on how to come back from astral projection. Further several unwanted misconceptions add wrongly to our perceptions.

Astral projection is a destructive fact where your soul may get stuck to a point that it cannot return back anymore. This is when negative energies and powers win over your body since you have let it stay inside of you for a longer time consciously or unconsciously.

But this concept is a complete facade. You only need to have the faith and strength to get back there. To comprehend how to return to your body or being it back from astral projection, you need to understand what a silver cord is.

Silver cord is a significant passage or link between your body and soul, a valuable component of your body. It is this cord that can successfully escort you back to your stuck body in an astral state.

An extremely tough and resistant cord, is highly stretchable and can stretch to any limit. It is not so weak; hence it cannot be cut if wanted. It neither tears nor tangles. Silver cord is a pure raw form of energy that cannot be erased, unfastened or detached. Its high mobility adds further to its diversity.

To bring your body back from the state of astral projection, your silver cord will guide it this whole time. It will give your clues through your entire route, and you can return back to your own body anytime from the astral projection. When in astral form, neither time, distance, form defines anything.

You can travel in the speed of light, fly, run and walk all around. You will realize the correct time to return automatically but you just need to give it a thought many times. Your soul will never let you get lost, it knows its way.

Before zoning out, don’t forget to clear your mind off all negativity. In this way, you ensure that your return journey to your body is smooth and hurdle-free.

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