In all honesty, a Mercury retrograde is one of the scariest things for astrology enthusiasts. When Mercury does go into retrograde, one is often seen to lose track with everything around them and find themselves in a state of utter confusion and helplessness.

When a Mercury retrograde starts to set in, it is time to wear your most careful and quiet shoes and tread as carefully as you possibly can. Now, this does not only apply to just the professional sphere of your life but heavily on the romantic one as well, because we all know how important communication is, when it comes to love.

During a Mercury retrograde, all kinds of things we do wrong. We find our feelings faltering, our moods constantly on the edge and we end up picking the worst fights imaginable. We do all of this only to regret it all later and find a mess.

This is more severe today, in the age of technology and all kinds of advancement, when communication happens in the blink of an eye and we are all used to blazing fast replies and texts. This time also brings about an immense amount of stress and emotional turbulence, causing us to lose sight of what we actually want from our lives.

Now that we have discussed the bad things and the things that could go wrong, let us take a minute and soothe ourselves, because there is good news.

If you are currently going through whatever was discussed in the paragraph above, you would be glad to know that Mercury is returning to its direct path on the 15th of April, and you will find that the general fog of despair that seems to have engulfed your life is lifting and you will be able to find everything in the clear when it is set back in motion, which will be by the 3rd of May, 2018.

These troubling and trying times are finally headed towards a change and we will soon find ourselves back to the pavilion, the exact place where we started off before the retrograde started setting in.

That being said, there is a slight catch in this situation. As Mercury is headed to its direct motion, in Aries, it will cross paths with the sinister Saturn, who is currently moving about in Capricorn. There is the Aries New Moon scheduled for that time but we are all advised to be careful and tread cautiously so as to make sure nothing goes wrong.

We must remember that Saturn is not out to ruin our lives, it is merely a reminder to us all that we know more than we think we do and we can do better. It is the planet of not rushing things and giving adequate thought and time to things before we make a decision.

The Retrograde has changed things in our life, to say the least, and Saturn will help us settle into the change.

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