A loner has its perks. Not only are they considered to be a claustrophobic mass-murderer, that could give them a wide berth on the streets, they are generally left alone, which suits them just fine.

Apart from these stereotypes, loners are wondrous, for they have a whole host of other abilities, and characteristic traits, that would definitely interest any other person with them.

1. Silence

Loners like their silence, like they like their coffee-strong. It is never that they don’t like interactions, but 9 out of 10 loners are so creative, and imaginative, they have enough thoughts to last 70 years without talking to someone.

2. Watchful eye

Loners make the best detectives. Ever thought why Holmes was without friends? It is because they are wolves in a forest of elephants. They would be the shadows, never fully emerging from the dark, and see what others can’t.

3. Indifferent

Contrary to what people think, loners don’t hate people. It’s just too many stalker movies that Hollywood has produced that has brought forth the stigma. Loners are indifferent. They would sit and talk to someone for hours, but donot claim to like them. Just tolerating.

4. Mystery

The best perk of them all! People don’t know who you are. They see a body, and a face and assume about you, which is fun if you think that you can add to the mystery by being mysterious. But, that aside, you are unpredictable, or rather considered to be so.

5. Couch potato

People think you sit your lazy bum on the couch and watch Netflix shows the whole day. While that may be true in some cases, in the rest of them, you could be a world conqueror, planning your next world domination. Just kidding, or am I?

6. Sarcastic

Yes. Yes. Yes. You are cynic. You are sarcastic. You are Bill Burr and Trevor Noah all rolled up into one. You take your tea with a heavy dose of sugar and sarcasm and aren’t afraid to dole it out to the rest of the world. And when someone returns fire with fire, you love them.

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