Intuition is something that all of us possess and yet we can’t explain it. Using empirical terms to talk about intuition is not going to help either. Now, some people think that only a few people are lucky enough to have a strong intuition. The reality is that you can actually work on it and strengthen your intuition as well.

But to enhance your intuition, you first need to understand it fully. First of all, intuition is definitely not a ‘special ability’ or a super power that only a few are blessed with. Secondly, it is definitely not fail proof. Intuition can be wrong on occasions too. Intuition is when you know what you have to do without a scientific map of steps involved in the process. It is the things that you just know, even though there weren’t enough facts specifically spelled out for you.

On what occasions it fails

We’ve always been taught about everything we do. There is a certain code to everything we attempt to do. There are rules and steps and these are all backed by science, more or less. Intuition is completely different. We know things though we can’t explain why. Yet, we keep insisting on the why and that leads to a blockage. We are limiting ourselves by trying to find a rational solution to something that is natural and beyond any explanations.

Then we also tend to think that we aren’t capable enough to know things by intuition because it is apparently something that’s divine and accessible to only a few. That’s not how it works.  Intuition can also be wrong, sometimes. Or it could simply be because we have lost touch with our intuition. We focus so much on the scientific and the rational that the Intuitive has been ignored. And thus even when it presents itself, we are not able to understand it.

So how it really works?

For you to access and make the best use of your intuition, you need to first believe that you do have the power. Let go of the scepticism and the logic. Just believe in yourself. It is possible to learn it again if only you’d allow yourself to.

The extent of everyone’s intuitive powers is different as well. It is unique to every individual like their choice of food or clothes. People get their intuitive knowledge through 4 abilities, depending on individuals one of these abilities could be stronger in some and likewise.

  • Seeing- These people are very sensitive to visual input and can see auras or even spiritual beings.
  • Hearing- Those people whose hearing is heightened can hear even the frequencies (such as that of the spiritual realm or trees or animals) which are inaccessible to other humans.
  • Feelings- Then they are others who can sense the emotions of people around them.
  • Knowing- This is the purest form of intuition. And the one most difficult to master. Because we have to believe in something for which there is no visible, physical proof.

How to tap into your intuition?

You need to practice to relearn trusting your intuition after ages of suppressing it. Here’s what you can do-

1. Practicing all abilities. Because we all have these 4 abilities in varying extents. Practicing them will enhance each in turn.

2. Try relying on your intuition for random things like guessing what time of day it is. You’ll notice the difference soon if you keep at it.

3. Test your intuition. Buy things that appealed to you in the first try and the ones which repelled you. Use both to come at a conclusion which will tell you what your intuition picked the former and rejected the latter.

4. Keep a journal record of all your endeavours. It will help you in seeing patterns and knowing what is working and what’s not.

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