This April’s New Moon in the sign of Aries is a really special one for many reasons. First of all, this is the last time for the New Moon to occur in Aries with the planet Uranus within its influence.

The next time this combination occurs will be in 2095. Astrologically, this makes for a pretty dynamic time. Turbulent waves are all around, in your personal as well as political life. It is the time for the explosive power of this New Moon to finally set you free from people or situations that hold you back.

The New Moon is in conjunction with Uranus situated within the House for Aries. Chiron is also making progress across the skies. Receding from the Pisces constellation. Currently it is placed on a fixed star named Scheat, which is known for being associated with sorrow.

But Chiron is known for healing through the suffering. This means that a combination of these two would mean that you will finally get that emotional release, though it might come at the cost of a little suffering while remembering old hurts.

Mars’ position in the house of Capricorn too has a loud impact on this New Moon. Being the ruling planet of Aries, it will direct how the Aries New Moon brings about change. Mars brings with it a drive and taste for success that is seldom found.

So keep working hard till you achieve whatever you wish for. Passion can also bring upon rage so you need to learn to find ways to make sure there is no pent up energy left for you to make any trouble.

This is a time to let go of all the cynicism and give yourself entirely up to your faith and intuition. The power and urge to create something will be running high.

In conclusion, this period of Aries influenced New Moon will bring some good and bad times. The only way to win over the latter ones is by letting go of our own misgivings and trudging on, no matter how slow. Your determination will help you overcome some of your greatest fears.

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