1. Living in the moment will keep you free from pain

It is true that constantly thinking about events that have left us hurting or worrying about those events that are taking place, causes us most of the pain we feel in life. This makes the idea of living in the present to escape that pain very attractive. But pain is natural part of the human experience. Even if you are fully grounded in the moment, when the traumatic incident occurs you will feel the pain in that instant. By trying to avoid it, you are avoiding an essential part of what it means to be human.

2. Believing in ideas that limit us causes all the hurt in the world

When we go through something traumatic, we tend to obsess over worrying thoughts like, ‘I am now worthy of love’, ‘I am going to be left all alone’, ‘I cannot trust anyone’ and so on. It is important to be critical of thoughts like these. Questioning everything is an intrinsic part of spirituality. When the pain is too fresh, it might not be possible to stop and ask question. But after you have been sufficiently comforted, doing this will prevent you from endlessly ruminating on those thoughts.

3. The law of attracting will give you all that you wish for

Quite a few New Age philosophers will teach you that by visualizing, affirming, and aligning your energies, you can obtain all your desires, be it money, fame, love, or anything else. It makes listeners feel good to hear about this because they think that they are being given the power to create by the universe. On the flip-side, they are led to believe that if they can’t turn their thoughts into reality, they aren’t doing everything right. In truth, not everyone has this gift and once you reach a certain point you will realize that desire can never be satisfied.

4. When you point out another person’s flaws, it is actually just you projecting your own.

The mind naturally projects some of our more negative thoughts onto others in order to defend the ego. You might be criticizing an acquaintance for their selfishness but at the same time you’re being self by not being affectionate and compassionate towards them. While it is all well and good to be careful about projecting and questioning your judgments, it is important to remember that there are certain boundaries that people should not cross. If others are behaving in such a manner, then they will have to face the repercussions of their actions.

5. Forgiving and letting things go

Many spiritual teachers have spoken about how forgiving others and yourself can make you truly free. But as Robert Masters has rightly written, sometimes we forgive just to keep away from confrontation. To truly forgive someone, you have to run through the whole gamut of emotions caused by whatever betrayal they committed before you can forgive them unconditionally. And if they require to be forgiven quite often, then it may indicate that they are not trustworthy.

6. You need to discard your ego

Imagine that your ego is not some terrible, wicked beast but a being looking for the love that we all deserve. Pushing aside a piece of yourself because it is flawed painful and difficult will not help you grow spiritually. Those pieces are a natural extension of your being and they will only increase their efforts to control your soul. You will begin to grow only when you look at yourself in a compassionate manner and accept even the painful pieces.

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