We know that the world is on the verge of a great shift.

But do you think you are one of the chosen few who will help humanity find its way to ascension, well if you have more than a few of these traits, you might be the one.

1. You know it within yourself that you are supposed to bring about. A great change, but you can’t exactly put your hands on the what or how, yet.

2. You have a sense that the time for your mission is drawing nearer.

3. You have this sudden urge to become a master of certain skills or field. This is because deep inside you know it will help you in your mission.

4. You feel you have great empathy for the feelings and sufferings of others.

5. You can’t seem to stand other living beings in pain, and try to do everything to make them feel better.

6. You feel a little disconnected with everyone around you. It’s like you don’t really belong with them anymore.

7. Your creative instincts are suddenly in full swing.

8. In addition to not being able to see them in pain, you also want to communicate with animals and connect with them.

9. You suffered a lot early I’m your life. Your childhood was traumatic and/or abusive.

10. You suddenly feel as if you share a deep bond with nature. Certain natural environments, such as forests or ocean speak out to you.

11. You feel a great tug towards spirituality and yet at the same time you can’t bear orthodox religion.

12. You feel this need to be surrounded by greenery. You might have taken up gardening out of the blue.

13. You feel like you have become increasingly sensitive, emotionally.

14. You discover a deep connection with a certain language, place or culture.

15. Finding about mental disabilities in yourself or someone who is very close to you.

16. Feeling the need to be left alone in order to recharge yourself and replenish energy which is lost by social contact.

18. You have been facing much physical ailments with Symptoms that are enough to befuddle even an expert.

19. You constantly dream about helping and healing people or animals in need.

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