To be wild is to be truly free. The part of you that longs for freedom is released when you connect with the wildness inside you. This is the part that longs to rebel against societal norms. It is wild, uncontrollable and untamed.

Thankfully, we get to choose whether to let loose our wildness or remain as tamed as we can be. We can choose craziness or sensibility, we can be hard but we can also be soft. Things only get out of hand when these aspects aren’t in balance. When you are too domesticated, too controlled and too cultured, it destroys the free spirit within you.

This balance can be restored through a process of self-rewilding. It is like breathing in a dose of good health and balancing, while letting out any built up toxicity.

Let your mind run wild

This is where you need to start the process. Make a conscious decision to begin letting your wild side get out. You need to make the effort to leave domesticity behind and explore land that is still untamed. It takes bravery, an inclination to be free and a healthy lifestyle. Let your imagination run free and fan the flames in your heart.

You must make the decision to be as brave as possible. The leap has to be taken without looking. Decide that you are going to be as free as possible. Change your tame life into an adventurous experience and constantly push the limits of what you can achieve.

Let your body run wild

Millennia of evolution have gone into making you who you are. There are many facets to your personality. You can take on the traits of other creatures as easily as if they were your own. By using existential animism, you can wear the mask of different creatures and use their power to rejuvenate every single part of you. Of course there are limits to what this fragile human form can withstand but you will never get anywhere if you don’t step out of your comfort zone.

You can become the living embodiment of the mask you choose to where. Let yourself free in the wilderness. When you start the process of rewilding, you can choose to be just about anything. Transform into something unusual, and unique, something breathtaking in its beauty. Whatever you can imagine, you can do.

Let your Soul run wild

This is a process which makes your life more meaningful than it was before. You need to get out of that rut you are stuck in and never look back. It’s going to be hard and you will have to make sacrifices but the adventure is worth it.

Cut away everything that is petty and trivial in your soul and shake your energies awake. Living in cities where everyone is always in a race to be somewhere, the soul is craving for a place that is wild and pure and natural. It is time to leave for places that are still pure and untouched. If you listen closely, you will hear nature singing to you, welcoming you into her arms. Remember that this life is a very precious thing and it shouldn’t pass by without you allowing yourself the gift of being wild.

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