There are some people who are just not meant to be tamed just like there are some animals just never meant to be domesticated.

There is a very famous anecdote (just take it in the literal sense) about a lady in the United States who had a pet python. She expected a snake to love her back even though reptiles aren’t really famous for showing signs of affection towards anyone past their offspring.

Regardless, she fed it well and the snake kept growing. However, once, for a week or so, the snake which was huge by then, refused to eat and the lady would keep her by her side on the bed because she was worried. Of course, her concerns made her take the snake to the vet.

You know what the vet said?

The snake wasn’t eating and resting beside her every night because it was gauging her size and making space in its body to accommodate her: it was planning to eat her owner soon enough.

Terrifying, isn’t it? Of course with humans it’s never that simpler. Humans, who were made in the image of God have traces of divinity in them. And can anyone every look down or even at God? No.

Remember Semele, the mother of Dionysus? Burned to ashes when she looked at her lover Zeus in his full glory.

Some women have an extra touch of that indomitable divine spirit.

They just can’t fit into what society’s mould of a “lady”, or a “womanly woman” as 19th Century literary critics used to call them.

They are fresh in heart and spirit and would not bow down just because a comfortable life were at stake. They would instead, choose adventures and run away before they are tied down in the name of love and bonds. For them, love is liberating and never binding down.

Here are 5 signs that say you are one of them girl:

1. Bravery is what got you so far

Where others failed or chickened out, you were first to reach. You never really showed signs of femininity, at least not the femininity defined by the men around you. You might have been athletic or you might have loved math more than literature, but you showed some form of bravery and uniqueness that was never really acceptable to the men around you. You define, through your life, the fact that masculinity and bravery are not the same thing.

2. You are especially affected by the suffering of animals

Like Tagore’s Subhasini, you are more affected by the suffering of silent animals, than you are responsive to fellow society members. Even when it comes to human beings, the ones who don’t have much of a political voice/social voice, stay at the receiving end of your attention.

3. You love intensely

Ever heard of Chinese cranes? These elegant creatures mate just once, for life. If one of the mates dies, the other grieves and remains celibate till it dies. Much like you. You love selectively, but when you do, you do so with a passion your partner is unfamiliar with. You never let go; you are nurturing, caring, but most importantly, loyal. So loyal that it often scares people away and alienates them.

4. You understand what women are

What their contribution to history has been and how they can never be replaced. You also understand how women are far more rational and practical minded as man, because of their imaginative streak of mind.

5. You are spiritually woke

This is also something important. You realise there is something beyond the mundane work-a-day life you lead and you make sure you are sensitive to that aspect of your life as much as you are of the conscious part of it.

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