Staying diligent and active

“You don’t need to change the world; you need to change yourself.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

The truth is the world doesn’t need to change. We need to begin changing ourselves in order to leave a positive impact on the world. What is more, you cannot change anything if you only look at the negatives. Like a tiny seed that grows into a majestic oak, transformation can only begin when you practice self-growth, changing your life and those of the people around you.

But much like the seed, if not properly cared for, a person will leave most of their potential untapped. Many have to struggle with this obstacle when they begin their journeys. They become disheartened and they stop progressing.

In order to achieve self-growth, one needs to remain diligent and active even in the face of great adversity in order to affect change. This requires long period of introspection with the understanding that there are no short cuts. The wait will definitely be worth it.

Enriching yourself

“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb

It is not easy to change the person you are. It is a long and hard process and there will be no fruit to enjoy at first. There will be times when it seems like you are making progress only to realize that you are actually regressing.  This stage occurs because initially, you are still limited by the belief systems that you adhere to. You will have to throw away rotten ideas and instead occupy yourself with fresh thoughts and beliefs and make them an essential part of your life.

You can’t let these remnants of the person you used to cling on to you at this time. In the coming period, these thoughts will have to be replaced by the new Self you have created for yourself.

Self-growth is also not something that happens in one go. It is a life-long process that will continue till you die. So don’t try to rush your way through it. Make sure that your growth is meaningful and savor each new experience as it comes.

Don’t take anything for granted

“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have travelled from the point where they started.”- Henry Ward Beecher

Remember that nothing is impossible when you genuinely make the effort to improve yourself. Your personality can be molded in any way so you need to be cautious and work on shaping yourself in a positive manner.

Most people give up before they even begin because the path is difficult and progress is very slow at first. But there will come a time when a bend will appear in the road and suddenly progress will be clearly visible.

Self-growth is important because that is how you will be the person you were always meant to be. Each part of the journey will be completely different from the previous part but this is how you will fulfill your higher purpose.

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