Holistic Medicine

Something also known as Alternative Medicine, it is the practice of healing diseases naturally, by working on the energies of the diseased and so on. Given how different it is from conventional medicine, many medical practitioners do not consider it a real science.

It is also argued by many people that holistic medicine is not legitimate because there is no scientific proof that it actually works. Although it is not possible to prove its use scientifically in a day but it is no lie that a deeper understanding of one’s body is always helpful in the long run.

Types of Holistic Medicine


This alternative mode of treatment was developed by Samuel Hanhemann. The whole concept is to cure the diseases with the factors that caused the diseases in the first place in lower and milder doses, because like cures like and so on. The materials used come from natural elements and even though science does not recognize homeopathy as real medicine, it has been recognized to produce a placebo effect that helps sometimes. There are no side effects.


This is an ancient Chinese technique which involves putting pressure in parts of the body to create balance and to help things like pain, allergies and inflammation. It works on bringing the energy in balance.


This kind of therapy works to help ailments like stress, insomnia, fatigue and so on. This alternative therapy uses essential oils to treat different kind of ailments. They may be used to inhale, massaged with or bathed with.

Beach flower remedies

This school of treatment, started by Dr. Bach, uses 38 different flowers that have healing abilities that are for 38 different moods. Dr. Bach says that these flowers restore the harmony and balance between the mind, body and spirit because it is only this imbalance that causes any ailment. This treatment is employed to treat things like depression, anxiety, stress and so on.


This kind of alternative therapy uses medicinal plants to cure diseases. This is knowledge and information passed down since millenniums and has considerable scientific backing.


This is a little detailed. This treatment involves a Reiki master who works on the patients and uses their knowledge to locate “chakras” in the patient’s bodies which hold negative energies in their bodies. They use these techniques to unlock these chakras once located to release this negativity. This is mostly advised to be used as an accompaniment to proper medical treatment.


Originally from Japan, it is used in combination with western medicine today and has come to be known as Chiropractic treatment today. This also involves putting pressure in different points of the body to alleviate pain and struggles. It has become very popular in recent times and has gained a considerable degree of patronage.


This works on the belief that all organs of the body share a common reflex point, so in this treatment we will find that pressure is applied on specific and distinct points in our hands, feet, back, ears, nose to help any discomfort in other parts of our bodies. When this is done, it helps to release tension in our bodies and maintain the balance. It is used to treat arthritis, constipation, neck pain, asthma and many other such ailments.

Ayurvedic Medicine

This is one of the oldest schools of holistic medication and originated in India. This employs different things, starting from medicinal plants to practices like meditation and relaxation therapies, herbal medicine and diet to help different troubles. These clean our bodies and rid us of the negativity that we have in us and help us lead better lives.

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