Hypocrisy runs rife through this world. People criticizing others, criticizing themselves, people criticizing certain other based on how they look, and then demeaning their own existence, and the creator by how they look.

Yes, appearances are important. They can make, or break someone’s career. But it is not THAT important, that happiness takes a back seat, to allow for criticism to pass through.

Yes, constructive criticism is always appreciated, but comments like, “You are so fat” do not serve anything other than to jeopardize someone’s self esteem.

Why do we do it, though? Why feel the need to validate ourselves through the way we appear? As they say, “Appearances are deceptive”, and it is apt, for it is the heart that matters.

A healthy body image is not one that has a gleaming set of abs when you look in the mirror, or a size 0 figure. A healthy body image is one, which makes you happy.

After a year of dieting, letting go of your favorite foods, only to find out that being a stick doesn’t really make you happy, would affect negatively, to your well-being. The trick is to learn to live with oneself. You are destined for great things, and a simple thing like your body isn’t going to jeopardize that.

Having said that, it is also very important to take care of one’s own health; not because it would make you more attractive, but because it would keep you alive. You need to understand, that all the billionaires on earth, aren’t Calvin Klein models with a face to match. They are billionaires, for it’s their heart and their mind that rules them.

Secondly, what matters is the soul. A good soul maketh an attractive person. You stay bitter half of the day, scream at dogs, don’t help out someone in need, you turn out to be very unattractive, regardless of how physically appealing you could be.

A good soul is very important. Being human is the key, for if you aren’t kind to animate objects around you, what else should you be kind to?

Also, you know, meditate. It works. Apart from calming your soul into a pool of serenity, it helps you grow as a human. And that, is sexy.

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