The Arcturians first started with the star system of Mars and helped it advance, and the Martians learnt everything they possibly could.

It is often said that all kinds of star systems were taught to advance by the Arcturians.

It so happened after that that the Arcturians travelled to the Pleiades but saw that the people of Pleiades were already pretty advanced in their own right and in their own consciousness, and upon the arrival of the Arcturians, left them behind as well.

This is the reason why Pleiades is often believed to have begun this journey.

The consciousness stands for the realization that true development can come only when one lets go of their sense of self and considers oneself part of a collective consciousness.

The Arcturians taught this. This is what led them to become God-like, like the Pleiaden people.

These Arcturians were led by Angels, who wanted them to go to Earth and teach the beings of Earth to find more advanced ways of civilization just like them.

When this was being put in action, some angels, who did not want the betterment of the races but only wanted to rule the Earth as Lords themselves followed the other Angels too.

This led to the winning of these rogue Angels and the vibrations of the Earth went down.

To fix this, the Angels sent more of themselves to work on bringing up the consciousness and vibrations again.

After this, the Earth has seen the continuous reincarnations of these Angelics and Starseeds. 2012 saw the reawakening of these old memories in the minds of these Angelics and Starseeds.

It is so happening that the Arcturians and the Pleiadenians are helping the Angelics find their leadership again.

The third and fourth dimensions will become prisons for the ones who desired domination.

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