The constellation Cygnus is located in the Northern sky. Since it resembles a swan, it is associated with the story of Leda and Zeus.

However, it is very rare to find a starseed who belongs to these stars. Cygnians are really, the rarest of the rare. And unlike Pleiadians, Lyrans or Arcturians you would not have heard much about them.

So here are a few characteristic traits of the Cygnus starseeds:

– Cygnus has all the comforts of life and thus these starseeds, in their incarnation on Earth are on a mission to learn. They are learners above everything else and are ready to face hardships in this pursuit.

– They are not very expressive in nature. You’d rarely see them talk much in public. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in other people. They do care and are also great listeners.

– They are all about technical detailing. They thrive on numbers, electronics and technology which is ahead its time.

– They are very punctual and their sense of duty is very strong. They will always give more importance to their work, than having fun. People usually think of them as party poopers and mean, but they just like work more.

– They might not be fans of elaborate family gatherings, but this doesn’t mean they don’t value their family. They are in fact very attached. Since they don’t talk much and are usually not very expressive, they are not able to show how much their family means to them. But they’d never second guess their importance.

– Their origin star is full of the good things in life. That is why, even on Earth, they don’t splurge on small, useless junk and rather save up for big purchases that’d be useful as well of high quality.

– They are also supremely patient. They don’t let their impulses get the better of them and thus always think things through rationally.

These starseeds are very important because they serve humanity with their technological knowledge. They are crucial in the advancement of our civilization.

They might not be very expressive with words, but they do find an outlet in music and art.

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