Among all paranormal appearances, orbs are the most easily dismissed by skeptics.

Even though there are many instances in old photos or even personal sightings of orbs, yet cynics explain them away as dust, condensation and light playing a game on your eyes.

Regardless of them, there are many who believe that orbs are Spirit guides who travel in the forms of condensed orbs of energy. They can be sighted on rare occasions and are manifest in a spherical or oblong shape.

One of the instances where orbs can be seen is when some intense emotional energy is being dissipated at a place, for example in moments of extreme compassion by humans. Other times orbs can be seen through the practice of meditation.

Orbs are a condensed form of energy. When we are meditating our frequency is also heightened thus making us beings of light as well.

However, simply meditating doesn’t guarantee that one would see orbs even though many beers and sages have managed to do so. It depends a lot on your Spiritual growth, of this lifetime and past and present physiology.

Anapanasati Meditation can be helpful in seeing orbs. You can enhance your chances by playing spiritual music as you meditate.

Make sure that your breathing technique and posture is just right. Do all of this without any flaws for a minimum of 10 minutes before you can see any clear results.

While meditating, blue is supposed to be the most easily perceived orb of all. It is common to see a blue light manifest itself in front of you while meditating and slowly move towards your third eye.

The first sign of being able to initiate contact with the Spiritual world is feeling yourself surrounded by a subtle white light as you close your eyes. The orbs can be of many different colors, and each represents something different.

The golden orb is in connection to the transpersonal chakras which exist even above our crown. The magenta orb which has warmth represents our divine or higher self, which we aim to become.

The Violet orb is for healing and releasing the karma we have accumulated. You can see any of these colors and with time their intensity will increase. Accept whatever comes your way.

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