The term synchronicity was coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. In layman terms, our understanding of synchronicity is very limited.

Most of the times, we file it under coincidences or something of the sort.

But synchronicities have a deeper meaning in our life. The occurrences that we pass off as chance actually have a great implication on our lives which we are unable to see at the moment.

They are immensely powerful occurrences which we brush off as luck or chance. It is said that the moments when we are able to see these synchronicities is when the fabric of our reality is torn just a little that we catch a glimpse of the spiritual world of beyond.

You need to observe this phenomenon very carefully to try and understand what the hidden message is.

For instance, the 11:11 synchronicity is observed quite often by people. Your bill at the supermarket comes down to exactly $11.11. Or maybe you are feeling really dazed in a boring class and you check your phone and the time is exactly 11:11 and you are now suddenly wide awake.

This particular synchronicity is very important and it signals that you might have some important messages from the spiritual plane.

The most common meaning of 111 synchronicity is associated with communication from the other realm. If you are seeing this number often.

It means that either your guardian angel or some of your loved ones who have crossed over to the spiritual plane are trying to contact you.

They have a message for you and since they cannot speak to you directly they are showing you signs which will alert you to their presence.

It is also considered a sign that you are about to ascend to a higher level of spirituality and that is why you are able to see these signs.

It might even mean that your DNA is being activated or upgraded to prepare yourself for your next spiritual journey.

Synchronicities are important and we need to pay attention to them so that we can guide our lives in the right direction with the help of the spirits.

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