Before you learn about reading the aura of other people, you need to have a better understanding of what exactly the aura represents.

If you had ever observed any old pictures of saints or some of the Avatars, you’d notice a bright yet subtle, yellow Halo around their heads.

In Egyptian and Indian and even Buddhist Gods this Halo appears at the back of their heads. This energy field or light is the aura of the person.

Our aura is the atmosphere which surrounds our body. It can be seen as a light around the head of a person if you become adept at seeing the aura of other people. It can give you a very clear idea of their mood and even thoughts. A person’s aura has a lot to say about them. A trained psychic or a medium can draw a plethora of information about a particular person simply by reading their aura. Things like a person’s mood, health conditions, characteristics and traits, strengths and weaknesses, and even the knowledge if any particular talent can all be interpreted from the aura.

The layers closest to the body which deals with energy can be seen the most clearly and easily by psychics. The outer layers which deal with the soul and mind are a bit hard to process.

Steps to read your own aura

If you want to see your own aura, with practice you can learn to do it within the comfort of your own home.

Choose a room which is the most comfortable for you. It could be your bed or your favorite armchair. Make sure that the room is not too dark or even too bright.

A candle in a dark room would just do the trick. Now look at your outstretched hands and try to visualize your life energy being manifested in between your fingers.

At first they will appear as little strands or red or blue light. These will get stronger with practice. Bring your hands closer and take them apart again and you’ll be able to feel that energy.

Don’t tire yourself out and have patience. It will take a while. But once you learn how to do it you’d be able to identify other’s aura and know a lot about them just by looking at them.

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