Those of us who have begun their Spiritual journey would also have come across the concept of twin flames.

It is also natural that you might be skeptical about the twin flame relationship. That is perfectly natural in both the following circumstances, i.e.-

If you are someone who is not able to find their twin flame, even though it has been a long time; or someone who did indeed found their twin flame but are now going through some disillusionment of sorts.

It is very ordinary that even twin Flames go through this period of doubt. All of this is a part of their Spiritual Bypassing journey.

What are Twin Flames?

Before we are incarnated on this planet, we exist on a Spiritual plane. When we make the transition from that Spiritual plane to this physical plane, our soul splits and manifests in two different bodies.

Although both these bodies are the same soul, they are on Earth as two different people. Twin Flames are crucial in our journey of self realization and awakening because they make us aware of our flaws and help us to build up our strengths.

We need a partner in this journey and who better to help us than the one who is a mirror image of us.

The disillusionment

When we end up questioning the existence of a twin flame, we are doing so not out of contempt for our twin flame. In fact, this disillusionment has two driving forces behind it- fear and exhaustion.

The former arises from the anxiety of whether or not we’d be able to achieve our spiritual goals on time. The latter arises because of all the hard work that is needed to stabilize and harmonize a twin flame dynamic.

It is not easy when you are going through this phase. But even when you doubt it the most, at the bottom of your heart you know that twin flames are real.

All this process is just because you need to prove your faith is stronger than any misgivings. And this experience helps you learn that, and much more.

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