Death. The word fills us with dread. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the uncertain. How ironic, that death is certain, yet uncertain.

The grim reaper would walk after you, at a leisurely place, as you run away from it, never really escaping its grasp. But, should you really be afraid? For death should be welcomed like an old friend.

Why do you think people like Buddha, Camus, Kafka, Nietzsche; all embraced death? Because it is the next great adventure.

Death brings to us the truth

Death shows us what is real, and what is not. It highlights the uselessness and futility of getting attracted to material and worldly possessions that can be snatched from you in the blink of an eye. It portrays what is real, and what is not. And, only death is real. Death is the only truth.

Death should be welcomed, and not scorned

Welcome it. You never know, what the afterlife could seem like. This life is an endeavor in futility, and you are better off, in a different place, in a different timeline, because death reaches us, no matter how much we are scared.

We should embrace it, shake its hand like an old friend, for cowards die several deaths before their death.

The Holocaustian nightmare that is life.

Life is a struggle. A trial, against monotony. We are Sisyphus, forever destined to push a rock upwards, only to repeat that action until we are dead.

And that is our respite. We die, only to breathe in fresh air that would finally give us a way out, from this nightmare that is life.

Death makes us realize life.

What is death? The exit from life. It always comes after it, knocking on our doors, sometimes, bashing it open. The only way to prevent that is to realize that death would come, regardless of our efforts to evade it.

Why should we? Live your life to the fullest, and accept it. Accept death, and accept life, just like you would accept the fact that human beings age.

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