Harmony in he universe and the Individual are intricately linked to one another. Living in harmony is at once a universal exercise.

Harmony is the the polyphony of infinite frequencies – agreement, peace and friendship. Everything is energy. For long enough mystics have always propagated what scientists are now only beginning to propound.

Physicists have now started to conclude that matter consists of tiny vibrating strings of energy. Some physicists also claim that everything consists of an intelligent field of consciousness.

Energy has a frequency and a wavelength – vibration is everywhere. Only a small part of all this energy is within the spectrum that we can sense through seeing and hearing.

As individuals we are perpetually connected to everything around us. We also send and receive infinite amount of frequencies all the time.

This means that we interact in ways more than the basic sensory impulse of sight and hearing. We can at any given time tap into that at any point of time, accessing energy with thorough easy and ecstasy. We can flow through life as that same energy.

Human being consist of energy, and having materialized energy we emit these as per our states of being. This energy signature is in turn made by our mood, our beliefs and thoughts and our alignment with truth.

Brain activity can be measured with an EEG and when we practice meditation we can learn to enter different states, generating different frequencies in the brain. Our brain waves differ all the time – when we sleep, when we learn, and when we are joyful.

Here philosopher Ken Wilber controls his brain waves while meditating. He measures his brain activity with a portable EEG. The activity is lowered to levels under what this EEG can measure, which is pretty impressive.

Everything Is energy. We control the energy that we are. Harmony is important. Harmony is the natural state. Release negativity and resistance – and dissonance and friction will clear. This means that we could create universal harmony in the future.

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