As the New Year starts shedding the title of being new as the months of January and February have passed right by us, we are here, in March, heading steadily towards the first day of Spring, which is the 20th.

The slowness is being replaced by a certain kind of energy as the Moon starts her new cycle on the 17th of March, which is the house of Pisces.

We will see the soon go from new to full, and this is the time we look into our inner selves with more clarity than usual.

As we are all aware, that the New Moon is also known as the Dark Moon, owing to the fact that it does not reflect the Sun’s light in that particular phase.

The darkness signifies the dark side that we all have to ourselves. It is the time we really look into our inner selves and find where we are, emotionally, in our preparations to get through the upcoming month.

Like we plant seeds for plants to grow, we must plan ideas and goals in our minds to have ourselves grow as well.

The New Moon is just a few days prior to the equinox, precisely three days, which again is when Spring begins and we see it in the house of Aries.

This marks for everything new in your life, as springtime is the time for new things and changes.

Keeping all of this in mind, get hold of a pen and your little diary and write about what you really want, on March 17th, starting from things you have been missing, new things you want to try and so on.

Get to being happy and commit to making your own self. After all, you have one life!

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