People these days are losing touch with nature. It’s been so long since many of you have absorbed the calming glow of the moon and observed its shape and size through its monthly cycle.

It’s not a new trend but farmers have been observing the moon and planting accordingly for ages. Lunar planting is a very old Farmer’s Almanac tradition.

Moon impacts the ocean tides but there isn’t any scientific proof whether it affects human lives in any way. However it has been observed that the more connected we are to nature, the more calm and peaceful we become. Relaxing outdoors is very meditative.

My childhood has been mostly spent outdoors doing all sorts of activities with other children from the neighborhood. We truly absorbed the freshness and freedom of our natural surroundings. To not go outside felt strange, as if we were unwell. Children now are very different. They still sometimes play outside but there are a lot of limitations and distractions involved. They spend more time with technology than Nature and adults are alike too.

Our lives are so hectic that it’s important to slow down and notice how stressed we are. It’s important to get back to our roots and experience the rejuvenating therapy of Nature which holds answers to all our problems and doubts. We simply need to be open-minded and accepting.

When we truly connect with Nature, we take actions based on everyone’s wellbeing. If we move with the pace of Life, we are less like to overwork ourselves. Moon is the perfect element to help us understand Nature’s cycle and how interlinked we are.

Participating in lunar rituals and keeping track of the cycle connects us with Nature and also alters the linear vision of life that most of us have to a more cyclical approach. Living life in a linear fashion means seeing things in black and white, whereas a cyclical approach makes you open to spontaneity and fluidity.

You can follow new moon or full moon rituals, which are a bit complex but it’s okay to try simpler models. On the new moon, I write down about my plans for the next month and my feelings and spend a little private time. In the full moon, I undergo a spiritual cleansing by letting go of what’s holding me back. It’s a powerful time to go out and soak the moon’s glow.

There’s no particular rule to connect with Nature but it’s important to find yourself in it.

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