To live spiritually, one must understand what ‘spiritual’ entails.

It is the frequent vibrations, and the frequency of it all, that captures the essence of being ‘spiritual’. The physical, tangible realm of our being captures this essence, but what we must understand what they are.

Vibrating Energies

Our conscious being is made of vibrating energy particles. Science tells us, that matter cannot be created or destroyed. It exists, due to vibrations.

Our existence creates spiritual thoughts, which creates energy. Our existence is what creates our energy, which determines our being. How we exist, matters. How we live, results in bringing forth our true spirits.

Frequency in Energy

Our vibrating energy might be similar to the rest of the population, but every frequency is different from each other. How and what we feel, is different for every single person. Emotions which are considered negative bring forth low frequencies.

Positive emotions bring high frequencies. Low frequencies, depress us. We are unable to cope up with it, so we try to fight, and it harms us more. Positive emotions, on the other hand, lighten our beings, enabling us to soar with the clouds, free from everything.

How to Take Care of It

High frequencies are always able to rise above negative frequencies. This is because light pierces through the darkest nights.

It is very important to note this, for it somehow helps us to understand, and live in a way that would be conducive and beneficial to our existence, i.e., through compassion and a good conscience.

Also, every good action, begets an equal reaction. So, every time you do something good, you see something amazing happening to you in return. This is because of Karma.

Taking care of your spiritual energy is very necessary, for it defines us. A depressed man is so because of the negative emotions he is constantly feeding himself and his energy.

A man needs to be happy, kind and loving, for that is what truly gives someone nirvana.

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