‘Well, Karma is a bitch’, are perhaps the first words you utter when you see someone getting their just desserts. But the logic of karma isn’t simply punishing people for something they did or didn’t do.

Karma is a Sanskrit word and concept, which means that everything we give out in the universe, we receive the same. If that’s too hard to grasp, think of Newton’s third law of motion- Every action has its equal reaction.

Everything we do, even the simple act of breathing brings about a change in the astral and physical realm, which goes forward and come together to manifest into real events.

Karma is not about revenge. It is a very important aspect of our spiritual journey.

1. The karmic law is not about judgment and punishment. There are no reward games either. Karma comes right from our soul and is an integral and eternal part of ourselves.

2. The punishments which we do get because of the karmic law are not about making us suffer. They happen because we have a lesson to learn from that experience. And unless we learn that lesson we will not be able to break free from this realm.

3. Sometimes it gets very hard to be positive when everything seems to be working against you. In such times remember how karma works, every action even the minutest ones keep on adding more to them till they are big enough to cause a difference.

4. The reason that karmic laws tell you to do more good if you want to feel good have been proven even by Science. When we do something positive for other, the feel good hormones are released in our brains. These in turn cause chain reactions which help us feel even better and heal.

5. Through the concept of karma you will be better able to understand the power of your own thoughts and emotions which in turn will allow you to release the harmful and negative emotions to be able to feel good and do good.

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